The World’s First Zero-Maintenance, Safest All-Terrain Electric Bike

Spike Bike has a 500 watt motor with 140nm of torque, a grease-free carbon fiber belt, a 60 mile range, & fat, puncture proof, all-terrain tires for a smooth, comfortable ride. Its innovative digital paint lights ensure visibility & safety on the road. Embark on any adventure with ease & peace of mind!

  • Zero Maintenance E-Bike

  • 500 Watt Mid-Drive Motor with 140nm of torque

  • Grease-free carbon fiber belt

  • Puncture Proof tires with Air Shocks for a smooth ride

  • Front & Rear 4-Piston Tektro Disc Brakes

  • Two 13" Digital Paint Spike Lites for safety on the road

  • Color Display with five levels of pedal assist

  • Throttle for when you need that extra boost

  • Available in Half-Step & Step-Thru style frame

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The Safest E-Bike To Ever Exist!

Using Our Electric Digital Paint

  • Dual 13" long Spike safety lights to be seen on the road without compromising battery life.

  • Estimated on a 2-hour ride you may lose 1/10th of a mile of battery life.

  • Easy to turn on/off from the handlebars.

One Great Bike In Two Styles




Making Hills Easier to Climb



Choose the perfect gear system, Enviolo CVT or Shimano 5-Speed Sealed Maintenance-Free Hubs.


(with Torque Sensor)

Puncture-Proof Schwalbe Tires.

Perfect for any surface,

ensuring a worry-free ride.

Air Shocks & Puncture Proof Tires To Smooth Out The Bumps On The Road Ahead

Reflective white side ring for safety

Adjustable Air Shocks

  • Monitor your pedal assist setting

  • Miles Per Hour

  • Average MPG

  • Max MPH

  • Battery Power

  • Range

  • Lights On/Off

  • Bluetooth Connection

  • Voltage/Current/Power Watts


Gates Carbon

Belt Drive

Maintenance Free Bike!

  • Its distinctive grease-free carbon fiber belt is at the heart of every Spike E-Bike.

  • Spend more time having fun with our puncture-proof tires.

  • Virtually unbreakable carbon fiber belt eliminating the risk of being stranded mid-ride.

  • Nothing matches the unparalleled stopping force of front and rear 4-Piston Tektro disc brakes.

Front & Rear 4-Piston Tektro Disc Brakes

Adjust Your Seat at the Push of the button!

  • Easily adjust when you first get on the bike.

  • Adjust your seat position while riding hills.

  • Italian made Selle Royal seat for maximum comfort.

Smooth Ride Ensured!

  • Get the boost you need with Spike E-Bike's throttle control feature. With speed regulation based on your desired pedal assist setting, you'll enjoy a smooth, effortless ride.

  • The Spike E-Bike is built to conquer any terrain, with all-terrain tires, powerful brakes, and a long-lasting battery for extended rides.

  • With the Spike E-Bike's color display and safety lights, you'll always know your speed, battery life, and distance traveled.

  • Thanks to the high-strength aluminum construction and front adjustable air shocks, enjoy a smooth ride.

Ride with Ease: The Spike E-Bike for Everyone

Experience the ultimate in comfortable, eco-friendly transportation with Spike E-Bike. Whether you're a commuter, recreational rider, or an adventurer, our versatile and powerful electric bike is designed to suit your needs.

Impressive Range of up to 60 Miles on a single charge

High-performance motor with 500W power output 140nm of Torque

The E-BIKE that's maintenance free, no oil, no grease, no maintenance.

Lightweight aluminum frame and fork for a comfortable ride

UL Approved 720 Watt

Samsung Battery

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